Daniel Jensen

Daniel Jensen

Owner & Head Coach

Squat 330lb
Overhead Squat: 205lbs
Deadlift: 415lbs
Strict Pull-ups: 11
Still trying to: Get my first Muscle-up, Pistol Squat, and get a sub 4:00 Fran


CrossFit Level 2 Certification, CF Masters Certification, CF Kids Certification
Th.M in New Testament & Christian Education
Bachelors in Biblical Studies & Speech Communication

About Coach

Why is a pastor running a gym? In 2016, after almost 20 years of working at churches, seminary, and Bible College, I realize that I needed help to regain the health of my body. I had sat and stuffed my body with a lifestyle that left me overweight and in need of help. In the Fall of 2016, I found South Island CrossFit as a member. My membership for the next 12 months facilitated a 55lb weight-loss journey. So in the Spring of 2018 when the door opened up to run the gym and pass on my weight-loss success to others, I jumped at the chance.

Turning Point

I've always been into sports. Growing up I played baseball and was a distance runner. As an adult, I tried to keep up on running, but always found that running led to injuries. I find that CrossFit gives me an important balance with my fitness. The workouts tap into my competitive desire to push myself. They also make me accountable to what I eat. If my eating is bad, I feel it in my workouts. If my workout is good, I know that I don't want to waste it at the next meal.

Motivation & Passion

Coaching is about helping people make a change in their life. It's working with people who realize that they can't succeed with their goals on their own. Coaching helps me be a better dad, husband, pastor, and camp director. It teaches me to listen and consider the need of the client. It challenges me to speak up and speak into someone's life when they need direction. I love coaching because I get to work with people and walk them through their change.

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